Auriculotherapy: A medical method in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by using the auricle




Auriculotherapy, auricular acupuncture, ear acupuncture


Auriculotherapy is a medical method which uses the auricle in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and is considered as a neuromodulatory technique. It is discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier and it also has led to the emergence of auricular acupuncture in the world. Although Dr. Nogier is the father of both auriculotherapy and auricular (ear) acupuncture, it is important to know that auriculotherapy does not depend on traditional chinese medicine theory but rather depends on classical medicine. Auriculotherapy treatments are planned according to physiopathology and neurophysiology of the diseases. There is no need to learn chinese medicine theory in order to be able to practice auriculotherapy. However, the legal regulations in most parts of the world do not distinguish between auriculotherapy and auricular acupuncture and therefore physicians who want to practice auriculotherapy must learn and obtain certifications for traditional chinese acupuncture which requires a long time and effort and which is a complete different medical system based on chinese philosophy. Seperating auriculotherapy educations from acupuncture education and certification programs will produce many positive effects for the physicians who would like to practice this treatment modality as an adjuvant to their own practices.


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