Evaluation of the satisfaction levels of medical students with anatomy education in the COVID-19 pandemic process

Anatomy education in the COVID-19 pandemic





Anatomy education, COVID-19, online education, students’ opinions, survey


Objective: During the COVID-19 pandemic, online education was started in order to continue education in the medical faculty. The aim of our study is to evaluate the satisfaction degree with the Anatomy education of the students of the medical faculty of Hitit University during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: 2nd and 3rd-grade medical faculty students of Hitit University were included in our study. A total of 146 students participated, 56 (38.4%) males and 90 (61.6%) females. The survey questions were prepared in Google forms and sent to the students online. The answers given to the survey were analyzed statistically according to grades.

Results: Among the disadvantages of taking anatomy lessons remotely, keeping away from the classroom environment was the most marked. Most of the students wanted post-pandemic education to continue with online education supported by face-to-face education (62; 42%). No statistically significant difference was found between the grades in the answers given to the questionnaire (p>0.05). The fact that there was no difference between the grades was an indication that they received anatomy education in line with the same quality and facilities in both grades.

Conclusion: The feedbacks of the medical faculty students will contribute to the efficiency of anatomy education and to increase the efficiency and quality of anatomy education.


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