Evaluation of musculoskeletal system symptoms and hematological parameters in COVID-19 patients

Musculoskeletal system symptoms in COVID-19 patients





COVID-19, hematological parameters, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain


Objective: Musculoskeletal pain can be seen in COVID-19; however, the data obtained about pain intensity and its relationship with inflammation are not of sufficient. The aim of this study is to investigate the frequency of musculoskeletal pains in patients diagnosed as having COVID-19, and to determine the relationship between these symptoms and inflammatory parameters.

Methods: One hundred twenty-one patients who were diagnosed as having COVID-19 were included. All patients’ demographic data, complete blood count parameters, neutrophil/lymphocyte ratios (NLR), platelet/lymphocyte ratios (PLR), lymphocyte-monocyte ratios (LMR), and neutrophil/monocyte ratios (NMR) were recorded. All patients’ musculoskeletal pains and fatigue symptoms were investigated, and the severity of pain and fatigue was determined using a visual analog scale (VAS).

Results: The frequencies of myalgia, fatigue, back pain, and low back pain were 43%, 92%, 68%, and 56%, respectively. A positive correlation was determined between the severity of fatigue and platelet levels (p:0.013, r:0.249). A negative correlation was observed between hemoglobin levels and fatigue severity (p:0.014, r:-0.246). A negative clinical correlation was observed between hemoglobin levels and myalgia severities (p:0.013, r:-0.384). There was no significant clinical correlation between myalgia, low back pain, back pain, fatigue severity, and hematologic indices (NLR, NMR, PLR, and LMR) (p>0.05).

Conclusion: No correlation was found between the presence or severity of musculoskeletal symptoms, fatigue, and hematological indices in COVID-19. Further large-series studies are now needed to prove an association between inflammation and symptom severity in COVID-19. 


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