CMV colitis in children: Single-center experience

CMV colitis in children




Child, CMV infection, colitis


Objective: CMV colitis in children is very rare. We aimed to evaluate the clinical and histopathological findings of the patients with CMV colitis.

Methods: This was a single-center retrospective study.  We enrolled the patients who were histopathologically diagnosed with CMV colitis between January 2010 and April 2022. We investigated their clinical and histopathological findings.

Results: In total 67 patients with diarrhea had positive CMV IgM/ PCR. We enrolled 6 of them who had histopathologic findings of CMV infection determined by Hematoxylin-eosin and immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining. Three (50%) of the patients were female. Two of the patients had no immunodeficiency or underlying disease. The underlying diseases were ulcerative colitis (UC) in 3 (50%) children and common variable immunodeficiency in one (16.6%) of the children. The most common symptoms were bloody diarrhea and hypoalbuminemia. CMV IgM and IgG were positive only in one patient. However, all patients had positive CMV PCR. The affected colon mucosa appeared friable and oedematous in all patients. Two patients (33.3%) had polyps in the transverse and descending colon, three patients (50%) had multiple ulcers in the sigmoid colon, and one patient (16.6%) had erythema in the sigmoid colon. All six patients had positive IHC staining in the colonic tissue. All patients were treated with ganciclovir. Four patients improved however, two patients required colectomy in the follow-up.

Conclusion: CMV colitis may be seen in both immunosuppressive and immunocompetent patients. CMV colitis should be considered especially in the combination of bloody diarrhea and hypoalbuminemia.  Early diagnosis is mandatory for the successful treatment and outcome of the disease.


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